CIVICS: Professional development trip to Atlanta

(Feb. 6, 2015) LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Kentucky social studies teachers are invited to apply for a week-long conference on 'The Intellectual Foundations of Political Economy.' Applications are due March 2.
CIVICS: Professional development trip to Atlanta

The McConnell Center's Civic Education Program will host a seven-day professional development immersion conference this summer to Atlanta, Georgia. The conference, scheduled June 14-20, is open to Kentucky social studies teachers.

The conference is limited to 15 Kentucky social studies teachers and administrators, grades K-12. Extensive pre-reading is required.

Applications are due Monday, March 2 (download as .doc)

About the Conference


Over the last hundred years the disciplines of political science and economics have become more separated as each has developed its own language and methodology. This week-long conference, cosponsored by the McConnell Center and Liberty Fund, Inc., is intended to provide high school teachers an opportunity to explore the 18th and 19th-century connections between politics and economics.

Teachers will consider the writings of John Locke, Adam Smith, James Madison and John Stuart Mill, as well as explore the work of 20-century political economists such as F. A. Hayek, John Kenneth Galbraith, Milton Friedman and Michael Harrington, regarding the proper role of the government in the operation of the economy.

Conference Participation Includes:

  • Transportation to Atlanta, Georgia
  • Double-room accommodations
  • All meals during the conference
  • Conference readings & other educational resources
  • Transportation & admission fees associated with group travel during the conference

Conference Topics (Sample):

  • The Origin of Political Economy
  • Private Property: Reward or Theft?
  • The Mercantilist System
  • Self-Interest and Virtue
  • Utilitarian Considerations
  • Liberty and Equality
  • The New Deal


Please direct all inquires to Benjamin Gies, graduate assistant for the McConnell Center’s Civic Education Program (phone: 502-852-3947).