Abrahamson named Director of Communications for SGA

(Nov. 12, 2015) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Junior McConnell Scholar selected as member of the Student Government Association's Executive Staff.
Abrahamson named Director of Communications for SGA

McConnell Scholar Jacob Abrahamson (’17) was recently confirmed as the Director of Communications of the Executive Staff of the Student Government Association at the University of Louisville. Abrahamson will be responsible for managing social media accounts for SGA, promoting the organization’s events and initiatives, live streaming student senate meetings, creating a weekly video series called CardCast and raising awareness of SGA’s mission and progress.

Abrahamson said he looks forward to using his new position to foster a better relationship between SGA and the students it seeks to serve.

“I think that SGA does a great deal for students on a daily basis, but many are unaware of this,” Abrahamson said. “I want to make sure that every student at UofL knows how much is done for them by our student government.

In addition to increasing SGA’s presence on social media – the easiest way to reach students, he said, Abrahamson said he plans to orient students to SGA’s advocacy programs in Frankfort and Washington, as well as connect them to issues that come before SGA.

“SGA functions best if students want to get involved and feel like they can come to us with their concerns, so that really is my ultimate goal,” Abrahamson said. “SGA already does great things, but it’s my job to communicate that.”

By Alicia Humphrey, a junior McConnell Scholar