#25Faces: Benjamin Moore

The McConnell Center is celebrating 25 years of excellence in higher education in 2016. As part of our yearlong effort to honor those 25 years, we are profiling “25 Faces” of faculty, friends and McConnell Scholar alumni.
#25Faces: Benjamin Moore

(click to enlarge) McConnell Scholar alum Rev. Laura Barclay ('05) officiated fellow Scholar Ben Moore's ('06) wedding.

Benjamin Moore, a 2006 graduate of the McConnell Scholars Program and Economic Development Manager for Louisville Metro’s Louisville Forward, is the third in our profile series.

Benjamin Moore, a 2006 graduate of the McConnell Scholars Program, has always loved his hometown.

“I’ve always had a great love for Louisville and saw the potential the city had and has: to grow our authentic community and continue to be a truly special place,” Moore said.

After earning his undergraduate degree in political science and urban geography from the University of Louisville, Moore worked at Leadership Louisville Center, a local non-profit involved with leadership development and civic engagement.

“I loved local government, urban politics and policy and the city landscape. So, discovering that some lucky folks were actually charged with working to attract, recruit and retain companies to help a city grow their economy in a strategic fashion seemed like a great path for me,” Moore said.

He combined his interests in politics, planning and geography into his 2009 graduate degree from UofL in urban planning. Shortly after, he took a marketing position at Norton Healthcare for seven years that allowed him to learn and grow in a “big-company environment.”

In 2014, Moore officially pursued economic development, joining the public sector when he accepted an economic development role in Louisville Forward, Louisville Metro’s award-winning Department of Economic Development.

“I love my job. I love the team I work with, and the leaders in our organization are young, engaged, smart and dedicated to helping chart a bright future for Louisville,” Moore said. “To be a part of the future of our city is truly an honor and dream come true.

When Moore is not in the office, he and his husband, Dr. Tadd Roberts, spend their time restoring their 1912 colonial home in the Highlands, which Moore said he expects will be a five-year restoration project. The two wed last June and became the first same-sex couple to be married in Louisville after the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Rev. Laura Barclay, a fellow McConnell Scholar (‘05), officiated the ceremony.

Reflecting on the 10 years since completing the McConnell Scholars Program, Moore encouraged current Scholars to take advantage of every opportunity.

“The speakers, the books, the trips, the extra sessions—become a sponge and soak up everything possible,” Moore said. “We are a special fraternity of people, McConnell Scholars, and to recognize the importance of that on our future life and the connections you’re making now as being life-long friendships and partnerships—that’s incredibly important.”

Moore also encouraged students to seek out and engage with mentors. Founding McConnell Center Director Dr. Paul Weber helped Moore on his path of public service.

“Dr. Weber helped me discover my career path and, ultimately, helped me achieve peace personally, all while encouraging my ability and dream of achieving a life and career in public service,” Moore said. “From pursuing my masters and professional career tract, to growing and embracing who I am personally, I owe so much to Dr. Weber.”

– Macey Elizabeth Mayes