15 Kentucky teachers head to Mt. Rushmore

(October 14, 2010) LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Fifteen Kentucky educators and teachers travel to Mt. Rushmore for professional development training.
15 Kentucky teachers head to Mt. Rushmore

Fifteen Kentucky social studies teachers and educators are en route to Rapid City, South Dakota, for a four-day field immersion to Mt. Rushmore. The professional development program is co-sponsored by the McConnell Center and Liberty Fund, Inc.

The conference, scheduled from Oct. 14-17, 2010, will explore the nature and extent of executive power in the U.S. Constitution. Conference readings review the Constitution Convention debates on executive power, as well as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, the Pacificus-Helvidius debates, Supreme Court cases and contemporary debates over executive war powers. The goal of the readings and discussions is to consider the scope of executive power and attempts to define this power.

Dr. James Rogers
, an associate professor of political science and department head of the Department of Political Science at Texas A&M University, is the discussion leader for the conference.