Last Days of Socrates

In this 4-part season of Vital Remnants, McConnell Center Director Gary Gregg walks listeners through four Platonic dialogues about the last few days Socrates spent in Athens before his execution.

For those interested in following along with the text, we recommend grabbing a copy of The Last Days of Socrates: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, translated and with introductions and notes by Christopher Rowe (Penguin Books 2010). Our reading guide points to key passages in the text, provides questions to consider and links to the companion podcast episode.

Episode 3.1: Euthyphro

  • Listen on: Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Episode 3.2: Apology

  • Expected June 2020

Episode 3.3: Crito

  • Expected July 2020

Episode 3.4: Phaedo

  • Expected August 2020