Roman Sauls

Alarah Gillum

Individualized Major Title:  Narrative Craft


2022 Leon V. Driskell Award
Best College of Arts and Sciences Honors Thesis, Humanities Division
Creative Writing Department Scholarship
Trustee's Academic Scholarship
Axton Masterclass Chosen Participant

How has your Individualized Major through the Liberal Studies Program prepared you for the next stage(s) of your life? 

The Individualized Major is a program necessarily focused on the freedom of the student, the freedom of class choice, of schedule choice, of major choice. It is through the freedom of this wonderful program that I've been able to readily pursue my career in creative writing, take a whole handful of workshops, apply for and be granted scholarships, and participate in extracurricular writing activities. The flexibility and room that the Individualized Major gives students in its care is, from my view, unparalleled. It was only through the encouragement and malleability of my major that I've been able to grow as much as I have, as a student, writer, and person, too.