Cooperative Internship

This is an explication of the Co-op program available through the Liberal Studies Program at the University of Louisville.

Liberal Studies Co-operative Internships (LBST 400)

Cooperative education and internships offer the opportunity to integrate academic course work with career experience. It provides an opportunity to test career choices in work settings and increases your marketability upon graduation by developing a career-related work record.

To qualify for enrollment in a Cooperative Internship course for credit, the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher for all coursework
  2. Completion of 45 credit hours.

The process...

  1. Contact Matt Church () or Dr. Andreas Elpidorou () to discuss your idea for a co-op and, if applicable, to ensure that it can be applied to your degree plan.  As your academic co-op supervisor, formal approval for the co-op must come from Dr. Elpidorou.
  2. Fill out the Application for Enrollment in Cooperative Education.   This form, including proposed co-op objectives, should be completed and signed by Dr. Andreas Elpidorou and your on-site supervisor before you begin your co-op.  When completed and returned to the Liberal Studies Program advisor, a permission code will be entered into the registration system.
  3. Register for the course.  Before completing registration, double check that you have enrolled for the number of hours approved by Dr. Elpidorou.
  4. Fulfill assigned cooperatives duties as specified.  Maintain regular contact with your on-site supervisor.   During your co-op, if you have any concerns which you think should be shared with Dr. Elpidorou, please do so.
  5. Toward the end of your co-op, please give your on-site supervisor the Project Evaluation form.  The completed form must be returned to Dr. Elpidorou before he can assign a grade.  This form may be mailed or emailed to Dr. Elpidorou.  If emailed, please request that the subject line state “Co-op Evaluation for [your name]”.
  6. Send Dr. Elpidorou your completed Reflective Statement, which is an analytic statement of your experience.

Both the supervisor’s evaluation and the reflective statement should be sent to Dr. Elpidorou at least one week before the semester ends.


Application for Enrollment in Cooperative Education

Co-op Evaluation

Co-op Student Reflective Statement