Advising Appointment

As with any major, advising appointments become scarcer during busy times (particularly in the two weeks before fall term and two weeks either side of preregistration). Because our admission process takes time, please plan accordingly; it may not be possible to plan a curriculum during these periods.

Things to Do Before Your Appointment

  1. Be able to explain your professional goal or academic field of study. Even if you know the basic tenets of that area of study, you may want to utilize the Career Development Center to find out what areas of concentrations will best serve that goal. You should be able to explain the skills and attributes required for your specific career or field of study.
  2. Know what areas of concentration you want to bring together in your degree. (Research the Course Catalog) You will design your major using three to five areas of concentration. Your first area of concentration must meet the requirements of an Arts and Sciences minor. These, along with your General Education and A&S Programmatic requirements, will become the framework for your BA degree.
  3. Preliminary approval of proposed plan is required before planning the degree. To request preliminary approval, please email Dr. Andreas Elpidorou, the program director, your request ( This request should include: Your name, total hours earned, cumulative grade point average (including, if applicable, transfer credit), proposed program title, and the 3-5 areas of concentration which will compose your plan.