The Liberal Studies Project

Through the Liberal Studies Project initiative, the Liberal Studies Program has greatly enhanced the intellectual and academic experience for students and faculty in the A&S. In particular, the LBST Program has engaged in the following activities:

  • Meet the Professor:  A monthly lunch and lecture series where UofL Professors present their work to the public, students, and their colleagues. The purpose of the lecture series is to recognize the accomplishments, research, and talents of the university’s faculty in the fields of liberal arts and sciences. Their talks address a broad audience—community members as well as the university’s faculty, staff, and students. The lectures aim to enrich campus and community life through intriguing topics and engaging discussions. Since the Fall of 2006, the Liberal Studies Program has organized more than 120 Meet the Professor presentations.
  • Distinguished Visiting Professors: Between 2000-2006, the Liberal Studies Program was able to host many distinguished visiting professors and scholars each semester. Some of these professors would teach courses in one of the A&S departments, give public lectures, and meet with faculty and students from other departments. Over the course of five and a half years, the project brought in 25 professors from both the United States and abroad.
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholars/Guest Lectures: Under the Liberal Studies Project, the University of Louisville welcomed a range of distinguished guest speakers who were unable to commit to a full semester, but nonetheless brought valuable expertise and knowledge to benefit faculty, students, and the wider community. These speakers delivered lectures, workshops, and participated in conferences and symposia. Notable guests included primatologist and president of the Jane Goodall Institute, Jane Goodall; American designer and sculptor, Maya Lin; Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer for The New York Times, Bill Broad; historian and underwater archaeologist at the University of Colorado, Robert Hohlfelder; oceanographer and explorer, Robert Ballard; Egyptologist, Bob Brier; and Iranian American professor and writer, Azar Nafisi.
  • Guest lectures, symposia, and conferences: Since 2009, the Liberal Studies Program began to provide assistance to faculty and departments in the College of Arts and Sciences by sponsoring guest lectures, symposia, and conferences. Its objective was to support faculty in their endeavors and enhance the undergraduate experience by facilitating special projects and events. The Liberal Studies Project has financially supported over 70 events in A&S.
  • Student Scholarships: The Liberal Studies Project also awarded more than 25 full-time scholarships over the period of five years to Liberal Studies undergraduate students based on need and/or merit.

For more information about proposals and funding, please, contact Dr. Andreas Elpidorou (502-852-2248) or Dr. Janna Tajibaeva (502-852-2247).