Meet our Majors

Here are some of our amazing majors:

Aria Baci

Individualized Major Title: Global Narrative Studies

“My coursework includes close readings of novels and graphic novels, and critical analyses of film from around the world. My Concentration Areas are Visual Art, making efficient use of transfer credits earned from thematically adjacent coursework at DePaul University, and Film Studies, which functions as a bridge from purely visual art to the narrative forms I am studying now. My Individualized Major guides a degree program that takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the ways human cultures express ideas that are important to them. I also proposed a Minor in Chinese, so I am also studying Mandarin as a way to better understand translated works originating in China, and to explore the possibility of a career in Mandarin-to-English translation.”

  • Bernard Osher Reentry Scholarship (2022–2023)
Post-graduation plans

“I plan to follow my bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree, and am still deciding between a Master’s in Literature or Literary Translation, and exploring the possibility of earning a PhD in Literature or Literary Translation.”

Emily Ravenscraft

Individualized Major Title: Inclusive Music Leadership

“This plan is designed to help provide tools to help create opportunity to foster inclusion in classical music and other music oriented spaces, not just today, but as a part of a new vision of the future: a future that recognizes voice and artistry above everything else. This major consists of four concentrations what will support my future goal of creating and executing initiatives within arts organizations to expand and foster inclusiveness in both programming and internal structuring: Humanities, Communication, New Music & Media, and Leadership & Talent Development. At the conclusion of the program, I hope to incorporate the body of knowledge I’ve learned at the University of Louisville with the experience I’ve been gathering as the Artistic Director of the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra to be in the position to work with arts organizations around the US to meet their goals of inclusion in programming and educational opportunities. In that, I hope to bring a unique perspective and set of skills to join an already developing need presenting in artistic organizations across the country.”

  • Dean’s List 2021-23
  • Dean’s Scholar – Spring 2022
  • Osher Rentry Scholarship Recipient 2021-22
  • Artistic Director of the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra
  • Concertmaster of the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra
  • Violinist/musician for Moth storytelling events in Seattle, WA (2016-2019)
  • Winner of Best Score – 2019 48-Hour Film Festival, Louisville

Loghan Currin

Individualized Major Title: Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Design

“I am pursuing the Individualized Major because this program was a big factor in me deciding to attend UofL and gave me the freedom to combine all of my passions in order to learn and gain skills in several areas for the future. My major combines Humanities, Public and Professional Writing, Marketing, and Political Science. ”

  • 2020 Presidential Scholar Candidate
  • 2021 President Service Award
  • Chi Omega 2022 Sisterhood Director
  • Engage Lead Serve Board Service Co-Coordinator 2021-2023
Post-graduation plans

“As of now, I don’t have any post-grad plans set in stone.”

Brianna Insley

Individualized Major Title: Intersectionality Studies

“My major combines Social Change, Pan-African Studies, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and LGBTQ+ Studies. I created this major because I wanted to be able to understand and study multiple points of difference and identity so that I could have a multi-dimensional perspective on important social justice issues affecting people throughout our community.”

  • Kyung Hee Global Collaborative Graduate
  • Honors Scholar
  • Dean's List Fall 2020 - Fall 2022
  • Torchbearer Endowment Fall 2023
Post-graduation plans

“After graduating I hope to work in the nonprofit sector on issues of housing and food insecurity in Louisville and nationwide.”

Wyatt Mills

Individualized Major Title: Mathematical Art Studies

“My major dives into the connections between mathematics and art from a historical point of view. I am pursuing an individualized major because no other major exists that fits my specialized interests.”

Post-graduation plans

“My post-graduation plan is to further my studies in graduate school and research mathematical applications found in art.”

Breanna Reynolds

Individualized Major Title: Disability Studies and Depictions

“My Individualized Major consists of a Deaf Studies minor and concentrations in Psychology and Literature. Before I knew of the individualized major, I had intended to earn a minor in multiple areas of interest (Deaf Studies, Psychology, and Literature). This program created an opportunity for me to study areas I am passionate about and enabled me to transform three minors into a bachelor’s degree.""

  • Graduated with Honors (2017), National Honors Society Member, founding member of the University of Louisville’s Delight chapter, acceptance into the Axton Poetry Master Class (2021), poem “A Crimson Stream” published in Eloquence, prose “A Mother” published in the periodical Southern Indiana Living, and a collaborator of “Let the Sacred Guesswork Begin” a poem of recycle lines published in The White Squirrel.
Post-graduation plans

“After graduating from the University of Louisville, I will be attending the University of Chicago to become a certified Editor. With my Individualized major in one hand and my editing certificate in the other, I will apply for an editorial position in a publishing company and will advocate for professional portrayals of the Deaf and Disabled in written and visual works.”

Cishella Durling

Individualized Major Title: Disability Studies & Advocacy

“As a person who has a disability, I have experienced firsthand how our culture here in the U.S. marginalizes people who are like me. It is frustrating that there are so many barriers that my community experiences, simply because our society has neglected to be inclusive of those who experience chronic health issues and disabling conditions. I have come to realize that in order for this community to be fully represented, we must all foster environments that are inclusive of these individuals, and that policies must be addressed so that we have and can maintain a standard of essential quality services that should be available to assist this community. For this reason, I decided to create my major, Disability Studies and Advocacy, through the Liberal Studies program, here at the University of Louisville.

It is my goal to address the gaps where services are failing, that when tackled, can improve the quality of life for these individuals. It is also my goal to hold organizations accountable to the standards that have already been set forth through legislative action and ensure that said legislation is addressing real life experiences for those who are protected under such acts. Moreover, it is my aim to improve the educational experience of those who identify as being disabled here at the University of Louisville, to ensure that their experiences are equally meaningful, engaging, and inclusive. Lastly, I hope to spread awareness of the diversity of disability and de-stigmatize the idea of disability through the incorporation of a university program and major centered around the studies of Disability from which students can earn an undergraduate degree to further advance the representation of this marginalized community by promoting health, access, and equity for all those who need specialized community support.”

  • Deans Scholar (Spring 2022, Fall 2022)
  • VP of Student Parent RSO (Spring 2022)
  • Recipient of Allgeirs Scholarship (Spring 2023)