Meet our Liberal Studies graduates - Roman Sauls

Roman Sauls is one of the May 2022 Outstanding Graduates of the Liberal Studies program and majored in Narrative Craft
Meet our Liberal Studies graduates - Roman Sauls

Roman Sauls

Individualized Major: Narrative Craft

Minor in Creative Writing, Concentrations in Philosophy and Literature

Graduation year: 2022

How did your Individualized Major through the Liberal Studies Program prepare you for your next steps after graduation?

The core of the Individualized Major program is freedom, freedom to choose your own schedule, freedom to align your own values, and freedom to build a major that truly works for you. Given all this freedom, I've been able to contribute my whole effort behind creative writing, the direction and focus of my passion, attention, and practice. I've grown tremendously as a writer, as a student, and as a person, thanks to this program, and have set myself up for success as I apply to graduate schools and literary publications this summer and fall.

Most memorable class you took as an undergrad? Why?

Without a doubt, Dr. Kelderman's Indigenous Cities course was the most memorable. I had the wonderful opportunity to read work by Indigenous authors about Indigenous experiences in the urban Indigenous communities that took shape in the twentieth century. It was a truly enlightening and enriching class, one taught by an incredibly adept professor.

What is the most thrilling or adventurous thing you've ever done?

I am not a hugely adventurous person, all things considered, but I had the chance to go to the One World Trade Center a number of years ago and that was very thrilling. Standing at the top of the world, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and feeling the wind sway the literal skyscraper you'r inside— chills.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you're committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them.

Dr. Kelderman, who I mentioned previously, Dr. Stansel, my thesis mentor, Dr. Strickley, and Professor Griner have all been instrumental in my rearing as a student and writer, primarily in regards to the honing of my creative writing ability. All have demonstrated to me the tenacity and passion required to make a career out of literature, and I am thankful to have been under their collective wing during my time at the university.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasures should not be guilty! I say take pleasure in what you like. Among my own joys are raspberry cheesecake, the smell of bonfires in fall, and good bossa nova.

Advice for current Individualized Majors?

Pursue exactly what you want and do it with passion. I'm nowhere near the end of my journey but that's the only way I got started. Not everything may work out, but you'll be a better student and person for having tried. That, I am sure.