Alexis Ecarma

Alarah Gillum

Individualized Major Title:  Immigration Legal Studies

Awards and Accomplishments:  

The Richard Campbell Smith Award for Outstanding Student of the Philosophy Department; Thomas S. Maloney Scholarship in Philosophy; Lewis Scholarship in Latin American Studies; Modern Language Fund Award in Spanish; UofL Trustees' Scholarship; Honors Scholars Program.

President of the Philosophy Honors Society (UofL Chapter); Alumni Mentor for the School for International Training; Legal Intern for Russell Immigration Law Firm; Spanish Translation Intern for New Song Christian Fellowship; Research Assistant for the UofL Envirome Institute; Senator for the UofL College of Arts & Sciences; Member of the SGA Academic Council.

How has your Individualized Major through the Liberal Studies Program prepared you for the next stage(s) of your life? 

The Liberal Studies Program has been invaluable to my personal, academic, and professional advancement. As a student who took many classes in a variety of departments in search of the areas of study that evoked the most passion in me, my individualized major created a unique space to craft my exploratory transcript into a major with immense clarity and direction. Individualized majors demonstrate great passion and intentionality, as they take the time to formulate a personalized path suitable to their needs, ambitions, and vision. My time in the LBST department invited me to regularly evaluate how each component of my major contributed to my central passions, interests, and goals, which made it much easier to (1) choose the extracurricular opportunities that would enrich me the most and (2) articulate my background, skills, experience, and outlook well to admissions committees and employers. The community of students within the LBST studies department was equally beneficial, as it introduced me to students with a myriad of diverse interests and perspectives. The empassioned and inspiring collective within the LBST Studies program is not only useful for evaluating one's own path, but also to celebrate and champion the unique courses of study designed by your peers. All in all, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study, explore, and build connections as a member of the Individualized Major community.