Trial attorney, Louisville Law graduate hosts Trial Practice students at his home

Tyler Thompson and Judge McKay Chauvin's Trial Practice class
Tyler Thompson with Judge McKay Chauvin's Trial Practice class

Tyler Thompson (Class of 1986) and his wife, Dr. Frances Thompson, hosted Judge McKay Chauvin’s Trial Practice class at their home on October 10.

After a catered dinner featuring hot browns and other Kentucky delights, Thompson recounted the intricacies of a personal injury case he litigated recently, which resulted in a multi-million dollar wrongful death settlement. Thompson shared his years of trial experience, offering, for example, that in his view, “voir dire is the most important part of the case” and concluding with a spirited defense of the jury system.

Suzanne Marino, a third-year Louisville Law student, attended the event and praised the Thompsons' hospitality and Mr. Thompson's presentation.

"His attention to detail and persistence in asking questions led to a case disposition that fairly and fully compensated his clients for the tremendous loss they suffered; his presentation to our class, however, served to teach us the necessity of fierce diligence in advocating for your clients. Mr. Thompson embodies these principles, and as such, our class dinner at his house was as educational as it was enjoyable," she says.

Natalie Nelson, also a third-year student, called the evening "fun and enlightening."

"Some of the things that Mr. Thompson said that stuck with me the most were: 1. To keep asking questions and to keep searching until you find the answer; 2. Your client is number one, and even if it would be easier for you to do something else, go in a different direction, or take a decent offer, if it is not best for the client, it is a no; and 3. It is the attorney's duty to take a mediocre case and turn it into a fantastic case that can be presented to the jury."