Torts and Contract Law meet at axe-throwing event

Flying Axes group photo
Torts and Contract Law students gather for an axe-throwing outing.

Recently, Louisville Law students witnessed the intersection of Torts and Contract Law in a unique field trip: They gathered at Flying Axes, an axe-throwing venue.

"The manager talked with us about business premises liability, worker compensation laws, express assumption of risk, vicarious liability and insurance coverage," says Professor Jamie Abrams, who teaches Torts. Professor Grace Giesel, who teaches Contract Law, also attended.

"It was a great chance for us to see how these torts concepts that we have studied in the abstract come together in Flying Axes' business model and practices," says Abrams.

Several students echoed this sentiment and expressed gratitude to Abrams for her innovative teaching style and passion for legal education.

"Professor Abrams is phenomenal. I've rarely had a teacher who so clearly cares about her students, their success and their understanding and enjoyment of the material. And the axe-throwing trip was great! I think it was refreshing for everyone to get their heads out of case books and remember how the law affects our everyday lives," says first-year student Margaret Lawrence.

And from 1L Pierce Stevenson:

"I loved the experience at Flying Axes! Sometimes as students, we can forget that the law is more than just words of judges and legislatures; the law matters to everyone. Going to this business to have fun and to see the role that waivers play into its business model reminds us that the law is not strictly classroom material. It's both refreshing and informative to see the law in action rather than static."