Professors Mark and Laura Rothstein both published in JAMA publication

Brandeis School of Law husband-and-wife Professors Mark and Laura Rothstein were both recently published in the same edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (June 9, Volume 313, Number 22).

Both articles appear in the Viewpoint section of JAMA, which is a peer-reviewed publication.

Laura Rothstein’s article is titled, “Impaired Physicians and the ADA.”

Her article explores disability discrimination law in the context of impaired physicians. Because of the trend in health care consolidation, she predicts more cases involving whether and employer’s treatment of an impaired or allegedly impaired physician violates the ADA.

Mark Rothstein’s article is titled, “Innovations of the Americans With Disabilities Act: Confronting Disability Discrimination in Employment.

His Viewpoint explores three notable innovations in the ADA relating to coverage, medical examinations and inquiries, and reasonable accommodation.