Professor Tony Arnold contributes to seven chapters in adaptive water governance book

Tony Arnold
Professor Tony Arnold

Brandeis School of Law Professor Tony Arnold has contributed to seven chapters in the 2018 book Practical Panarchy for Adaptive Water Governance: Linking Law to Social-Ecological Resilience.

The chapters to which he contributed: 

1. Arnold, Gosnell, Benson, and Craig, "Cross-Basin Patterns of Systemic-Change Drivers and Adaptive-Governance Features

2. Arnold, Green, DeCaro, Chase, and Ewa, "Resilience of the Anacostia River Basin: Institutional, Social, and Ecological Dynamics"

3. DeCaro, Arnold, Boamah, and Garmestani, "Theory and Research to Study Principles of Social Cognition and Decision Making in Adaptive Environmental Governance"

4. Craig, Garmestani, Allen, Arnold, Birgé, DeCaro, and Gosnell, "Stability and Flexibility in the Emergence of Adaptive Water Governance"

5. Cosens, Craig, Hirsch, Arnold, Benson, DeCaro, Garmestani, Gosnell, Ruhl, and Schlager, "Legal Pathways to Adaptive Governance in Water Basins in North America and Australia"

6. Gosnell, Chaffin, Ruhl, Arnold, Craig, Benson, and Devenish, "Finding Flexibility in Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act through Adaptive Governance"

7. Allen, Birge, Angeler, Arnold, Chaffin, DeCaro, Garmestani, and Gunderson, "Uncertainty and Tradeoffs in Resilience Assessments"

Arnold holds the Boehl Chair in Property & Land Use and is an affiliated professor of Urban Planning at the University of Louisville. He is also chair of the Center for Land Use & Environmental Responsibility. His highly interdisciplinary research at the intersection of land, water, the environment and governance institutions is nationally and internationally recognized.