Professor Justin Walker confirmed to federal bench

Justin WalkerProfessor Justin Walker was confirmed as a U.S. district judge for the Western District of Kentucky on October 24, 2019.

He joined the faculty at the University of Louisville School of Law in 2015 and has taught Lawyering Skills and Writing for Practice at Louisville. After graduating from Duke University and Harvard Law School, he practiced appellate law in Washington, D.C., and clerked for then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Justice Anthony Kennedy.

He was nominated to the federal bench in June 2019.

"Justin Walker has been a wonderful colleague, and I wish him all the best in this new and exciting role," says Dean Colin Crawford. "I am certain he will bring the same dedication, thoughtfulness and respect for the law to the bench that he displayed in the classroom. And although losing him as a member of our full-time faculty, I hope we can continue to look forward to Judge Walker’s association with the School of Law for many years to come.”

Walker has written about the separation of powers, national security law and federal courts. He has taught in Germany and Finland and is co-director of Louisville Law's Ordered Liberty Program.

"The opportunity to serve on the bench is an honor," Walker says. "I feel extremely grateful to all the mentors and supporters I have learned from and leaned on in my career and during this nomination process. They include many treasured colleagues, alums and students at the University of Louisville."