Louisville Law Review names editorial board for Volume 58

gavel and book

The University of Louisville Law Review has named its editorial board for Volume 58.

Editor in Chief: Kirk Mattingly

Senior Articles Editor: Justin Petersen

Senior Notes Editor: James McSweeney

Managing Editor: John Stocking

Symposium Editor: Suzanne Marino

Article Selection Editor: Anita Zipfel

Articles Editors: John Robinson, Hoyt Grimshaw and Matthew Bunnell

Notes Editors: Natalie Nelson, Samantha Hall and Kirby Black

Associate Symposium Editors: Kaleigh Yurkew, Lindsay Ratliff and Courtney Kidwell

Founded in 1961, the University of Louisville Law Review is the principal publication of the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville. Formerly known as the Journal of Family Law and later as the Brandeis Law Journal, the University of Louisville Law Review is a scholarly publication devoted to developing the law, evaluating legal institutions and analyzing issues of law and public policy. The Law Review features student notes and articles written by nationally and globally recognized experts. The editorial board and staff of the Law Review publish three issues per year and have editorial control over its content.