Brandeis School of Law's website gets a makeover

Brandeis School of Law's website gets a makeover

The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law website has undergone a comprehensive makeover, with the redesigned look going live this week.

Our new website is geared toward a variety of audiences, including students, faculty/staff, alumni and prospective students, and is an important part of our communications and marketing efforts.

Some highlights of the new site include:

  • A cleaner, more modern look
  • A more robust outline of our school’s history and traditions
  • A more in-depth explanation of the legacy of Louis D. Brandeis
  • More student profile stories
  • Faculty news, both inside and outside of the classroom
  • A new and more extensive alumni section, including up-to-date alumni news
  • More information about our diversity programs, our international opportunities, our student life programs and other points of pride
  • More prominent social media icons, to promote cross-promotion

"I am thrilled that our new website is now live. It provides an appropriate channel for our school to remain contemporary, consistent and competitive. This new look will help us recruit students and keep our alumni and friends better informed about all the exciting things happening at Brandeis," said Dean Susan Duncan. "A great amount of work went into the new site and I thank everyone that helped get us to this day.  I know all of our constituencies will enjoy the new site."