Brandeis mourns the loss of alumni in 2016

The Brandeis School of Law is mourning the deaths of some of its alumni in 2016. 

Ron Simpson, 70, died April 28. He was a Corydon,Ind., attorney, served as the attorney for the Harrison County REMC for 25 years and served as Harrison County Prosecutor from 1986-2002.

Sheldon Nathaniel Isaacs, 85, died May 12. After a career as a pharmacist, he enrolled in night classes at Brandeis Law and graduated in 1972. He and his son founded Isaacs and Isaascs PSC. 

The Rev. Charles Brandeis Tachau, 94, died May 16. he was a 1948 graduate of Brandeis Law and a grandson of Louis D. Brandeis' brother. Tachau practiced law for 12 years until he entered the seminary and served in the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky for the rest of his career.

Marvin M. Sotsky died in May. He was a 1953 graduate of Brandeis Law. He served as general counsel to the Kentucky Housing Corporation and contract counsel to the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Transportation.

Danny L. Rose, 56, died July 26. He was a 1985 graduate of Brandeis Law. He practiced law in Perry County, Ky., for many years.

Gwendolyn Parker McClure died in July. She was a 1957 graduate of Brandeis Law. She engaged in private practice, was an advocate for the arts and was extremely active in her church.

Priscilla Seiderman "Penny" Diamond, 75, died Aug. 5. She was a 1979 graduate of Brandeis Law and ran her own practice for many years. 

Louise Kaufman Petrilli, 91, died Aug. 10. She was a 1950 graduate of Brandeis Law, one of only a handful of women to attend at that time. 

Kyle T. Hubbard, 75, died Aug. 12. He was a 1966 graduate of Brandeis Law. he was a U.S. Air Force veteran and member of the Kentucky Air National Guard and Louisville, Kentucky and American Bar Associations.

Judge George Gregory Seelig, 62, died Aug. 13. He was a 1977 graduate of Brandeis Law and practiced in western and central Kentucky.

Judge Carl D. Melton, 88, died Aug. 17. He was a 1951 graduate of Brandeis Law. he held public office in Henderson County, Ky., continuously for 37 years, as a state representative, county attorney, commonwealth attorney and circuit judge.

Mary Irene Kimbrel Littrell, 92, died in August. She was a 1952 graduate of Brandeis Law. She retired as a marketing executive for GE Appliances. She raised five children while she pushed at the "glass ceiling" of women's recognition in the world.

Imon G. "I.G." Spencer, 85, died Sept. 9. He was a 1955 graduate of Brandeis Law. He practiced law for more than 60 years in the areas of professional negligence, construction and general litigation.

W. Douglas Myers, 66, died Oct. 30. He graduated from Brandeis Law in 1974. He was president of the Kentucky Bar Association in 2013 and served on its Board of Governors from 2005-10. Myers was selected to Kentucky Super Lawyers each year from 2007-16 and was named to the American Trial Lawyer Association, Top 100 Trial Lawyers each year since 2008.

John Sherman Hancock Jr., 90, died Oct. 31. He was a 1950 graduate of Brandeis Law. He retired as senior vice president and head of the trust department with City National Bank in Baton Rouge, La., in 1991. He was an active civic leader and volunteer.

Judge Carlton E. Sanders, 79, died Oct. 31. He was a 1976 graduate of Brandeis Law. he became judge of the Harrison County, Indiana, Superior Court and served until his 1998 retirement. He was an active civic leader and dedicated donor to his alma mater, Indiana University.

Judi B. Ciliberti, 58, died Nov. 1. She was a 1984 graduate of Brandeis Law

Paul Niehaus, 94, died Nov. 1. He was an Army Air Corps veteran of World War II and a retired U.S. Postal Service Highway Route contractor.

John T. Miller, 87, died Nov. 8. He was a 1953 graduate of Brandeis Law and practiced law for more than 50 years. He was a founding member of both the American and Kentucky Academy of Hospital Attorneys.

J. Stevenson Suess, 65, died Nov. 9. He was a 1976 graduate of Brandeis Law. He worked as an attorney in Butler County, Pa., for more than 40 years.

William S. "Bill" Haynes Jr., 72, died Nov. 26 at his home in Bowling Green, Ky. He was a 1972 graduate of Brandeis Law and practiced in Louisville before returning home to Bowling Green to serve as assistant Warren County attorney from 1989-1994. He then practiced with Hodges & Haynes until he retired in 2015.

Stewart E. Connor, 75, died Nov. 28. He joined Wyatt. Tarrant and Combs in 1966 and retired in 2007. Conner was active in several organizations and an adjunct professor at UofL and the University of Kentucky.

Pearl Greenberg Berg, 84, died Dec. 17. She was a 1977 graduate of Brandeis Law. She was a life-long student and lover of learning, having obtained a degree in nursing from Cornell University and a master's in English from the University of Louisville, inaddition to her law degree. She also attended and taught Veritas classes at Bellarmine University.

Kenneth A. Kallbreier Sr., 86, died Dec. 23. He was a 1961 graduate of Brandeis Law and a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars. He practiced law in Kentucky and Indiana.