The Passing of Alumnus Michael Lindenberger '06

Lindenberger, Michael  '06 headshot

The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and the Brandeis community are profoundly saddened by the loss of alumnus Michael Lindenberger ’06.

Lindenberger, 51, was an active alumnus and recently won a 2022 Pulitzer for Editorial Writing in May for his work on the series The Big Lie, and two earlier pieces published in the aftermath of the 2021 January Capitol Insurrection. His work tackled the issue of election fraud in Texas, analyzed the myth of voter fraud, and examined the implementation of common-sense voting reform.

Lindenberger attended the Brandeis School of Law as a non-traditional student to hone his journalism skills and further his investigative expertise. A native of Louisville, he worked for years at the Courier-Journal before he decided to pursue a law degree and graduated from Brandeis School of Law in 2006 as a part-time evening student. Since graduation, he stayed in touch with several law faculty about constitutional law and other legal issues. Dean Melanie B. Jacobs corresponded with Lindenberger after his Pulitzer Prize announcement and commented, “Michael was a truly exceptional graduate who embodied the best qualities of Justice Brandeis’s philosophy that public service is not limited to those practicing law.”

The 2022 Brandeis Brief alumni publication features Lindenberger for his extraordinary work in the field of journalism that won him a Pulitzer Prize.