3L Tyler Stocking to be published in two law journals

Tyler Stocking
Tyler Stocking
Tyler Stocking, a third-year student at Louisville Law, will soon be published in two law journals: the Health Law & Policy Brief at American University Washington College of Law and the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology (JOLT).

His article for the Health Law & Policy Brief, "Buprenorphine-Medication Assisted Treatment: The Role of Informed Consent vs. Bias and Unfair Business Practices," began as an article for the University of Louisville Law Review, where Stocking is managing editor. 

He was inspired by the United States' opioid crisis and wanted to explore the ways the legal profession can play a role, he says.

Stocking credits law review faculty adviser Professor Les Abramson for his guidance on the article.

"If you go to him with anything, he will help you develop your passion and your voice with that," he says, adding that Abramson also helped him navigate the submission process.

Stocking's second article, "From Otzi the Iceman to Chris the Birdman: Tattoos as Persona, Not Property," reflects his roots as a sportswriter and explores the copyrightability of tattoos, with an emphasis on NBA players' tattoos.

Working on that paper, with the guidance of IP law expert Professor John Cross, sparked his interest in IP law, Stocking says.

"He's been a mentor of mine. He's been so helpful and such a great teacher," he says.