The Law School hosts a variety of wellness programs geared toward helping Brandeis School of Law students stay healthy both physically and mentally. The program was created in partnership with the University of Louisville Counseling Center as part of the school’s strategic plan, which includes a focus on health and wellness issues.

In addition to informing students about available external resources, such as the Dave Nee Foundation, the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program, the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program and the LawLifeline, the Wellness program is also educating faculty and staff members on how to assist students who may be struggling. Online mental health screenings are also available for current students, as are counseling services and an insurance plan.


All currently enrolled students may use the University of Louisville Counseling Center's services. Individual counseling and referral services are provided at no charge, and all communication within the Center is confidential. Information regarding the content of interviews or the results of testing can be released only with the written permission of the client. Appointments are made by calling the Counseling Center at 502-852-6585, or stopping by the office.

Student Health and Insurance

The University of Louisville offers a major medical insurance plan to meet student health care needs. This plan is a major medical and hospitalization plan which has coverage for both inpatient and outpatient services. Similar to an HMO, the Campus Health Services office serves as the primary care provider and a referral is necessary for most services rendered outside of the Student Health Services. Purchase of the Comprehensive Plan provides coverage for physician visits at the Campus Health Services office.

Dependents of insured student are eligible for the benefits for an additional premium. Insured spouses are eligible for coverage at the Campus Health Services facilities. Children under the age of 18 are not eligible for the benefit and cannot be seen in the office.

For more information and appointments, please call the Belknap Office at 502-852-6479 or the Campus Health Services office at 502-852-6446 or visit the CHS website. The Insurance Advocate can be reached at 502-852-6519.