Applicants and Students with Disabilities

Brandeis School of Law has a diverse population of students, including many students with disabilities ranging from learning disabilities to mobility impairments, and supports students with documented disabilities by promoting equal access to all programs and services in collaboration with the University’s Disability Resource Center (DRC), which is the official office to assist students through the process of disability verification and coordination of appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

Appropriate accommodations can be ensured via the DRC's website. Generally, any student who may need academic accommodations or access accommodations based on the impact of a documented disability:

  1. Must contact , DRC Director, at the beginning of each semester. The DRC is located in Stevenson Hall, 502-852-6938.
  2. Must also , Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity, that you are seeking an accommodation from the DRC, to more effectively coordinate any assistance provided.

As not all disabilities will require accommodation through the Disability Resource Center, please also  as soon as possible and indicate generally the accommodations you may need.