One-Week Projects for 1Ls

In 2010, the Samuel L. Greenebaum Public Service Program began offering 1L students from the Brandeis School of Law an opportunity to perform their 30-hour public service requirement after their first semester. Each year, the Public Service Program puts together several projects in which the students can perform their hours in one week. These projects are designed to not only allow the students to satisfy their 30-hour requirement, but also to allow students the experience of working in a real-world legal environment outside the walls of law school.

Some of the placements that have participated in the program are:

  • Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
  • Wayside Christian Mission
  • Kentucky Refugee Ministries
  • Doctors and Lawyers for Kids
  • Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission
  • Legal Aid Society of Louisville


1L Ashley Powell described her experience at Wayside Christian Mission:
"In the week I volunteered, we set up a legal clinic at Hotel Louisville and at the emergency shelter. Through the clinic, I was able to interact with a number of potential clients and I saw a variety of legal issues. Being able to participate in the program helped me work on some of my lawyering skills such as research and interviewing. More importantly, I realized how rewarding it can be to help the people. One of my favorite moments was talking to a veteran who came to me hoping I could help her with a legal issue. After our interview, I thanked her for her service and her face lit up. I could tell that a simple thank you made this woman’s day. My experience during the service project made me even more determined to help the people around me, whether it be through legal work or by simply saying 'thank you.'"