Where Our Students Serve

See below for a sampling of where our students have served and to read testimonials about their experiences.

If you would like to speak with a former student fellow, please contact Jina Scinta, public service program coordinator, at +1-502-852-5647.

Bullitt County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office

Photo of Jonathan Max Allen, Bullitt County Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Mann and Circuit Court Judge Rodney Burress

Jonathan Max Allen, center, with Bullitt County Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Mann, left, and Circuit Court Judge Rodney Burress

During my internship at the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, I collect evidence to be used against defendants, create and docket subpoenas, work with law enforcement to create indictments, provide technical support and help with the paperwork associated with incarceration. I often shadow Mr. Mann in the court room, where I gain legal experience in how to present cases, negotiate with the defense and when to present objections and evidence. This experience has proven to be real-hands on learning, and I enjoy my work here at the Commonwealth Attorney's Office greatly.

Office of the Indiana Attorney General

Photo of Evan Comer

Evan Comer

I have loved every minute of my time at the Indiana Attorney General's Office. Every day has been a new and exciting experience, from my first day where my boss and I attended a contentious oral argument before the Indiana Court of Appeals, to my work on issues of constitutional and civil rights law. I am extremely lucky to walk into the office every day and do work that I am passionate about. I am immensely grateful for the Greenebaum Fellowship and to the committee for making this opportunity possible.

U.S. Attorneys Office, Louisville

Photo of Briana Lathon

Briana Lathon

Clerking for the USAO has allowed me an opportunity to be introduced to federal law in all areas, from criminal to bankruptcy.

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy

Photo of Jennifer Hubbard

Jennifer Hubbard

This is my second summer working for the DPA, and this summer I was lucky enough to work for the capital trial branch. I learned so much and met some amazing attorneys. I wouldn't trade this summer for anything else.

Photo of Wesley Shines

Wesley Shines

The opportunity to help the disadvantaged and learn so much about the criminal justice system has been invaluable.

Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office

Photo of Jason Hagy

Jason Hagy

During my internship at the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, I was assigned to the narcotics division. While working there, I collected evidence to be used against defendants, researched case law for suppression hearings, prepared discovery and drafted motions. I often shadowed attorneys in the courtroom, where I gained valuable insight on how to negotiate with defense counsel, present motions and cases to the court, and how the criminal justice system works in Jefferson County. This experience has been very hands-on and it has been exciting to come to work every day doing work to keep the citizens of Jefferson County just a little bit safer.

Photo of Leah Spears

Leah Spears

This summer I'm working at the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in general trial Division B. So far, every day has been different. I've assisted with a variety of tasks such as screening cases, preparing discovery and drafting motions.

Photo of Rick Adams

Rick Adams

My internship at the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office has been a great experience. Working with the Violent Crimes Unit, I have had the opportunity to work on interesting cases that allow me to apply what I have learned thus far in law school and gain an appreciation for how the Jefferson County Criminal Justice System works to protect the citizens of Louisville on a daily basis.

Louisville Metro Public Defender

Photo of Jordan Potts

Jordan Potts

Working at the Metro Public Defenders Office has been an amazing experience that I am so glad to have been a part of. Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to research some incredibly interesting subjects pertaining to criminal law that rarely get touched upon in class. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some incredible trials, many of which were murder trials, and got to learn what kind of planning goes into litigating an actual criminal trial. Finally, the ability to learn directly from some of the most experienced and hardworking attorneys in the state has been something I will take the most experience from.

Photo of Christopher Ahlers

Christopher Ahlers

When I accepted the summer internship with the Louisville Metro Public Defenders Office, I did not think that I would get the opportunity to do research on complex ethics issues. This opportunity has proven to be very insightful and diverse.

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic

Photo of Danielle Hampton

Danielle Hampton

My favorite part about my experience at Harvard Law School's Immigration and Refugee Clinic was working with the clients. Meeting with the clients and learning their stories made the cases come to life. I felt very gratified knowing that I helped someone in a way that could change their life. The attorneys there put a lot of emphasis on client interaction. Through this experience, I had the opportunity to learn this important skill that is difficult to learn in the classroom.

Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky

Photo of Ashleigh Collard

Ashleigh Collard

I have had the opportunity to research and work on cases in many different areas of law, including Supplemental Security Income, divorce and custody issues. I have also benefited from observing client intakes and discussing the meetings with the attorneys in the office.

Orleans Public Defenders, New Orleans

Photo of Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds

My internship for the Orleans Public Defenders has probably been the most difficult, yet most rewarding, work experience that I have had. Every day brought new challenges and new experiences, from compiling extensive audio transcripts to making jail visits and building relationships with our clients. I will carry these skills with me for the rest of my professional career. My supervising attorneys were also fantastic mentors, and I owe a great deal of my new knowledge to them.

International Justice Mission, Gulu, Uganda

Photo of Annelie Stallings

Annelie Stallings

I worked as a legal intern with International Justice Mission, an NGO that partners with local law enforcement and public authorities to secure justice for victims of violent oppression in developing countries. I had the opportunity to serve alongside American and Ugandan human rights attorneys. I shadowed the attorneys in their work, driving hours on dirt roads into the bush to visit the victims and prep witnesses. I accompanied the lawyers as they represented our clients in court. I also spent hours reviewing files with strikingly similar stories of becoming refugees and then facing violence and eviction when they returned to their land. I left Uganda with respect for the strength and resiliency of the Ugandan people and the courage of those who are undaunted by the challenge of seeking justice in a developing system.

Jefferson County (Missouri) Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Photo of Matthew Bosch

Matthew Bosch

My internship has been such a rewarding experience. I have received the opportunity to see the practical pursuit of justice firsthand. From DWI cases involving good people who have just made poor decisions to a capital murder case involving a convicted serial killer, justice takes many forms. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve a community that is dear to me.

Equal Justice Center (Austin, Texas)

Photo of Ashley Gray-Ziba

Ashley Gray-Ziba

I'm researching evidentiary issues to prepare for a federal trial on a Title XII discrimination and unpaid wages case.

New Jersey Office of the Attorney General

Photo of Jesse Humphries, Bill Flahive, Kaitlyn Hanson, Caroline Gargione and Justin Mignogna

Jesse Humphries, center, with, from left: outside counsel Bill Flahive, assistant Kaitlyn Hanson, New Jersey deputy attorney general Caroline Gargione and intern Justin Mignogna.

This was at a deposition of a plaintiff at the plaintiff's attorney's office. We represent the state of New Jersey offices that are being sued and Bill Flahive represents an individual who was fired from the office so we cannot represent her due to a conflict of interest.

Navy JAG in Sigonella, Italy

Photo of James Gerlach

James Gerlach

Let the Greenebaum Fellowship take you anywhere, even to the hub of the Mediterranean.

Jefferson County Circuit Court

Photo of Madison Capps

Madison Capps, third from left

Madison Capps interned with Judge McKay Chauvin in Jefferson County Circuit Court. During this internship, she did research, wrote court orders and observed a variety of trials and court hearings.

Kentucky Court of Appeals

Photo of Anesha Blakey

Anesha Blakey

As a Greenebaum Fellow, I was a judicial intern for Judge Irv Maze at the Court of Appeals of Kentucky. During my fellowship, I was tasked with drafting two judicial opinions. In this photo, I am reviewing the case file, researching and writing the draft of my civil opinion.