3+3 Program

The 3+3 Program allows certain undergraduate students at the University of Louisville to apply to Brandeis Law during their third year of study and start law school early, receiving their bachelor's degree after successfully completing the first year of JD coursework. To be eligible, students must complete three full academic years (90 credit hours) of postsecondary undergraduate coursework, including at least two full academic years (60 credit hours) of in-person instruction at the University of Louisville, in a qualifying major:

3+3 students must satisfy all general education requirements and major-specific coursework for their bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling at Brandeis Law, unless they have received approval from their undergraduate program that first-year JD courses will satisfy outstanding major-specific requirements.

Questions about how to structure your undergraduate studies to participate in the 3+3 Program should be directed to your undergraduate program advisor.

Interested students must apply to the law school during their third year of undergraduate study, and their application must be complete by the regular deadline of April 1, 2024, in order to be considered for admission under the 3+3 Program. 3+3 applicants are subject to the same entrance standards as traditional first-year applicants, and any offer of admission is contingent upon continued undergraduate academic performance.

Students admitted under the 3+3 Program pay the law school tuition rate for the duration of their enrollment at Brandeis Law, including their first year of JD coursework. 3+3 students may be able to maintain certain undergraduate institutional scholarship funding toward tuition for the first year of the JD program. For specific questions on what undergraduate scholarships would or would not qualify, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office.