The 2023-2024 LIAM Applications are closed.

Applications for 2024-2025 will open in Spring 2024.


To learn more about the LIAM program before you complete the application, please listen to this short podcast episode and/or go through this interactive moduleQuestions can be directed to or call 502-852-1043. 


To develop the next generation of leaders at the Health Sciences Center by investigating the following question:  How can we best apply leadership and innovation principles to influence a group or organization to achieve a common goal?

Upon completion of LIAM, graduate students will be able to:

  • Appropriately integrate emotional intelligence skills and knowledge to enhance professional and personal relationships.
  • Effectively employ communication techniques to enrich interpersonal interactions.
  • Recognize and be able to influence the factors that drive an organization's culture.
  • Evaluate, and problem solve ill-structured problems in innovative and creative ways.

LIAM Graduates 

  • 2018 = 16 

  • 2019 = 20 

  • 2020 = 25 

  • 2021 = 39 

  • 2022 = 47 

  • 2023 = 38

185 total graduates by June 2023.

MedStar Honoree

The LIAM program was awarded the 2019 A.O. Sullivan Award for Excellence in Education by the MediStar Organization.

For more information about the LIAM program, you can view this online module.  Questions can be directed to or call 502-852-1043.