The faculty, staff and students of SPHIS recognize the importance of research as one of the three traditional missions of higher education and as a means of protecting and improving the public’s health. As our mission statement articulates: “We create knowledge by seeking new discoveries and understanding through scientific exploration. We communicate our findings.”

Explore the different departmental research interests:

Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

Department of Epidemiology and Population Health

Department of Health Management and Systems Sciences

Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

The following institute and centers are housed at the School of Public Health & Information Sciences:

Center for Health Hazards Preparedness (CHHP)

Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky (CIK)

Statistical Consulting Center (StCC)

Youth  Violence Prevention Research Center (YVPRC)

Center for Healthcare Organization Transformation (CHOT)

Center for Creative Placehealing

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