Off-Campus Resources

sofa with television Independent Living Tips

  • The lease signed is for 12 months and each student will be held to the lease.
  • Public landlord/tenant laws are in place and utilized by the community.
  • Rules within the apartment are primarily concerned with safety and care of the community; social rules are primarily up to the residents.
  • Roommate conflicts are left to the residents to work out, not the community staff.
  • As a renting tenant, you have the expectation to be provided a safe and secure environment.  We recommend you read more on our Tenant Rights and Responsibilities page.
  • UofL students who live off campus may post sublease offers for free at You will need to create an account to view or post a sublet.


two roommates smiling on couch

Finding a compatible roommate and learning to live together in harmony can take some work.  Below are some resources to help facilitate a harmonious environment.

  • Establishing an understanding of how you will deal with certain situations can help resolve conflicts before they start.
  • If you have lived on campus, then you probably already know someone you want to live with, if not Off Campus Housing provides a section for students to find other students as roommates.
  • provides a good guide for how to find a compatible roommate.

Lease Signing 

Will you being living off campus next year? This free 30-45 minute presentation covers all aspects of the apartment search and everything you will need to understand before signing a lease.  In this workshop, you will learn the difference between an Affiliate and non-affiliated property, understand your rights as a tenant, and how to live off campus successfully. To schedule a Lease Signing Workshop for your residence hall, RSO, or office, please contact Campus Housing at .