This page includes information regarding support services and resources available to you as you plan and pursue your Senior Honors Thesis research and write the final product.

Funding Your Research

Students are encouraged to submit an application for the Senior Vice President for Research Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant. For information and application forms visit the Senior Vice President for Research Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant webpage.

Library Resources

When you are working on a Senior Honors Thesis, be sure to take advantage of the services offered by the reference librarians in Ekstrom Library, with whom you may make an individual research appointment to identify sources applicable to your topic. You will find their advice extremely helpful as you initiate and develop your research. Also, the University Writing Center (Ekstrom Library, Rm. 132 in the first floor Learning Commons) offers composition specialists who are trained to assist writers with help in argument and structure, as well as with editing and documentation. If you like, you may request an assignment to a closed carrel in the Ekstrom Library during the semester(s) in which you are completing your research. Carrels will be assigned through the Honors office subject to availability; contact the thesis coordinator (Katherine Rucker) in the Etscorn Honors Center in Strickler Hall, Rm. 126 to apply ( or 502.852.4962).