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The essence of the University Honors Program is embodied in the spirit, intelligence, drive, creativity and commitment of its Honors students. The Honors Program is much more than advanced coursework. In Honors, we hope you'll form relationships with like-minded students, establish connections with people in your future profession, familiarize yourself with other cultures, and have fun! The Honors Program at UofL emphasizes building community, making connections, and re-envisioning the classroom experience. We hope you will visit campus, ask questions, review the many benefits the Honors Program offers and spend time getting to know our students. If you do, we’re confident that you’ll want to join Honors.


The Honors Program is a small, tight-knit community of students, staff and faculty. You have the best of both worlds—a top-notch liberal arts education coupled with all that an elite metropolitan research university offers. Our advisers work closely with students on course selections, mentoring, and links to key faculty, campus resources and community leaders. Honors student groups are among the most active on campus and provide a great way to hone leadership skills and get involved locally.


Across academic interests, participating in the University Honors Program will help you make connections. You’ll have opportunities for mentoring and professional networking and resources to assist you with deeper exploration. If you’re interested in connections across campus, between campus and the surrounding communities, or across the globe, the Honors Program can facilitate these pathways.


Each semester you can choose from an array of exciting Honors classes including offerings in general education, academic majors and minors, and topical seminars. The class sizes are small, providing deeper engagement with course materials, peers and faculty members. Some classes involve travel, work in the city of Louisville or research opportunities. Honors interdisciplinary seminars provide unique chances for study in specialized areas with award-winning professors.

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