Honors Advising

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At the University of Louisville, we view academic advising as an educational partnership between student and advisor. In Honors, our highest-achieving students understand the critical importance and benefits of maintaining a good relationship with their academic advisors. Honors students are expected to meet with an academic advisor no less than once per academic year. In many cases, students choose to meet with an Honors advisor each semester.

During the first academic year, students and academic advisors will work in conjunction to develop an individual course of study. Your advisor can help you to explore your options in terms of degree programs and careers, guide you in making decisions that impact your college career, and connect you to other campus resources, such as career counseling and study abroad programs. Honors advisors can also help you in selecting Honors courses and opportunities that allow you to further challenge yourself, explore different academic areas, and complete your degree requirements. Although an academic plan is developed in partnership with an academic advisor, students are ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding degree and graduation requirements.

Students participating in the Honors Program will be assigned to an Honors advisor within their first semester in the program. With the exception of the two pre-registration advising periods (September through October; February through March) during which appointments are required, students are encouraged to stop by the Etscorn Honors Center with any questions. The Honors advisors have an open-door policy and are eager to assist students or help with any issues or concerns.

All students in Honors are required to take a minimum of one 3-credit-hour Honors course per academic year. Honors students are strongly encouraged to meet with an Honors advisor in the first half of each semester.  Any student wishing to enroll in an Scholars Seminar is required to meet with an academic advisor to obtain permission to enroll in that course. Students are encouraged to prepare in advance for advising appointments by following the tips listed below and developing a set of questions you'd like to discuss during the meeting.

In addition to working with academic advisors in the Honors Program, you may develop advising relationships with other professional advisors on campus, as well as faculty advisors within your major department. Please note: Honors students in academic units other than the College of Arts & Sciences should meet with their unit advisor in addition to their Honors advisor prior to registration. Meet the Honors advisors »

Who Needs to Be Advised?

  • All Honors students, regardless of academic year or enrollment unit, are required to meet with an Honors advisor prior to registering for a Scholars Seminar.
  • First-Year Honors students in the College of Arts & Sciences are required to meet with an Honors advisor prior to registration during their first semester, and it is highly recommended that they do so in their second semester as well.
  • It is highly recommended that students on Honors Probation meet with an Honors advisor prior to registration.

Please note: Honors students in academic units other than the College of Arts & Sciences should meet with their assigned enrollment unit advisor in addition to their Honors advisor prior to registration.

Advising Appointment Dates

The Honors Priority Advising Period will occur in the 6-8 weeks prior to priority registration each fall and spring semester.  Please watch your email and the Honors newsletter, The Current, for specific details on dates and appointment sign-up instructions. At all other times of the year, Honors students should call or stop by the front desk in the Etscorn Honors Center to schedule an appointment (502-852-6293) or email honors@louisville.edu.

Advising Tips

  • Please arrive on time for the appointment. If you will be late or need to cancel, please contact the University Honors Program at 502-852-6293.
  • Come prepared. Try to develop a list of questions for your advisor before the appointment.
  • Review the Undergraduate Catalog. Identify the requirements for your chosen major(s) and/or minor(s) and come prepared to your advising appointment.
  • Review the Cardinal Core Requirements for the most recent academic year. Determine what requirements, if any, you still need to complete.
  • Review the Schedule of Courses and identify a variety of courses that interest you.
  • Watch for communication from your Honors advisor and from The Current for Honors priority registration dates and times each semester.  Mark these on your calendar.

Advisor & Student Roles and Responsibilities

As a part of the Advising Partnership, your responsibilities include the following:

  • Understand academic policies and procedures located in the Undergraduate Catalog and on ULink
  • Understand and comply with any university or college deadlines
  • Use UofL resources, such as REACH, the Writing Center, computer labs, and the library.
  • Read your UofL email daily and regularly check UofL and college/departmental websites
  • Monitor your academic status and your completion of degree requirements
  • Check your UofL transcript on a regular basis and follow your academic program sheet
  • Ask questions and meet with your advisor on a regular basis
  • Make final decisions regarding the choice of a major and course selections
  • Research possible internship career options and other opportunities

As a part of the Advising Partnership, you can expect your advisor to do the following:

  • Offer opportunities for individual consultations
  • Assist you in your major and career exploration
  • Give you accurate information concerning academic policies, procedures, deadlines, general education and graduation requirements
  • Provide guidance and help you determine progress toward your degree requirements
  • Suggest appropriate referrals to UofL services and resources available to you for academic, career, and personal development

For further information on advising at the University of Louisville, please visit the Undergraduate Advising home page.