Honors Scholars Program

The Honors Scholar graduation medal against an outdoor background.

Fall 2024 applications to the University Honors Scholars Program are due Friday, August 23, 2024 Read below to see if you qualify, and click here to apply.

About the Program

The University Honors Scholars Program provides Honors students with the opportunity to pursue a higher tier of the basic University Honors Program intended to expand and enhance their Honors experience. Since its inception in 1999, the University Honors Scholars program has steadily grown its membership. At the heart of the Scholars Program are upper-level interdisciplinary seminar courses, some of which include international or national travel opportunities. The format and smaller size of these Scholars seminars allows our expert faculty to facilitate in-depth discussions on engaging topics from multiple perspectives with Honors Scholars majoring in a wide variety of areas. Students often site meaningful faculty-led discussions as well as the opportunity to interact with peers from different major disciplines both within and outside of the classroom as some of the major benefits of participating in Scholars seminar courses.

Students who wish to complete the University Honors Scholars program will have the opportunity to work with an Honors advisor to create a plan of study.  While these plans vary based on the student’s enrollment unit, they involve the completion of additional Honors coursework, including Scholars seminars, as well as a minimum cumulative UofL GPA of 3.5.

Graduating University Honors Scholars will have this distinction noted on their official UofL transcripts and diplomas and are also awarded a medal that can be worn during graduation ceremonies to recognize their high achievement.


To be eligible to apply to the Scholars Program, students need a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher, active status in Honors, a GPA of 3.0 or higher in completed Honors courses, and completion of (or current enrollment in) at least 6 credit hours of Honors coursework.

University Honors Scholars Benefits

  • Significant coursework completed in close interaction with peers in the University Honors Program and with Honors faculty from many departments
  • Access to seminar classes that encourage interdisciplinary perspectives and experience outside the classroom, which sometimes fulfill WR requirements
  • Priority consideration for space in seminars that include either international or domestic travel
  • Enhanced programming that may include notable speakers, cultural events and voluntary service opportunities
  • Opportunities to present seminar discoveries and research at Honors conferences.
  • Recognition at an annual Honors Convocation Ceremony and graduation as well as on transcripts and diplomas as a University Honors Scholar upon successful completion of program requirements
  • Early opportunities to sign up for a scheduled Honors advising appointment each semester