Mat or Chair Yoga

Facilitated Practice (virtual or in-person): 30-60 minutes

Yoga is proven to increase mental and physical wellbeing. Students will experience the benefits of yoga which include building strength and becoming more flexible. Yoga class is taught by a certified Yoga Instructor virtually or in-person upon request.

Koru Mindfulness Sampler

Facilitated Teaching & Activity (virtual or in-person): 45-60 minutes

This sampler offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to practice a selection of evidence-based mindfulness meditation techniques. By the end of the program, participants will get a taste of what a meditation practice could offer if practiced regularly. Skills include: Breath awareness (belly breathing), dynamic breathing, walking meditation, chair yoga, and Loving Kindness.

Stress Resilience Basics

Facilitated Teaching, Discussion, & Activity (in-person or virtual): 45 - 90 minutes

Discussion of the science of stress related to learning and thriving. Students identify their stressors and explore creative responses that actually work. Student will learn techniques to actively build their resilience

Mindful Meetings

Facilitated Practice (in-person or virtual): 5-30 minutes

Student and staff groups can request Health Promotion to bring some mindfulness to group meetings, retreats or trainings. We offer settling in/settling out practices, brief meditations, and a variety of other mindfulness activities that keep participants engaged

Wellbeing Bingo

Game-Based Activity (in-person): 30-45 minutes

Students play BINGO to practice new and surprising resilience techniques, discover resources on campus, and win prizes.

Taste of Mindfulness

Facilitated Practice (in-person): 15-30 minutes

Students will experience mindfulness by engaging the 5 senses through a guided practice of eating with awareness.

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