Programs & Workshops

Mindfulness & Meditation- check out our workshops, retreats, and drop in sessions!

Yoga for Stress Resilience - with a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Stress Resilience Basic- Science and Learning- Discussion of the science of stress resilience as it relates to learning and thriving. Students identify pressing stressors and explore creative responses that actually work.

Wellbeing Bingo- Students play bingo to discover new and surprising resilience elements and win prizes.

Taste of Mindfulness- Students learn and have guided practice to learn mindfulness methods for relaxation, focus, listening, and energizing.

Reactive to Creative- 3-part series that builds key resilience concepts from session to session with a focus on practice.

Zing! Re-Charge Your Energy on Purpose- Identify key energy drainers and learn how to fix the leaks by plugging into UofL wellbeing resources.

Wellbeing Jams: Music for Thriving- Experience listening to music selected intentionally to maximize learning, lower anxiety and promote connectedness with wellbeing. 

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