Basic Pantry Shopping List

WHY should you have your kitchen stocked with Basic Pantry items?

Whether you are a novice or expert cook, a poor student, or a rich entrepreneur, a well-stocked pantry makes it easier to create quick and nutritious meals. The food you have on hand largely determines how healthfully you will eat, so wisely stocking your pantry is a step towards good health. Make eating the healthy choice the EASY choice!

Eating healthfully is a challenge to college students who must balance heavy work loads with healthy choices, mandated food plans and limited cooking facilities. As a result, students often consume diets that are deficit in key nutrients AND are too calorie dense.  In addition, many students lack the basic skills to plan, shop, prepare, and safely store meals.


Survey Data from UofL Students (NCHA Survey 2010)

92% agree with the statement “I know what it means to eat a ‘healthy, balanced diet’ but only 5% of participants reported consuming the recommended five or more fruits and vegetables/day

Barriers identified by students:

- Availability of foods on or close to campus (92%)

- Time (77%)

- Food preparation skills/knowledge (32%)

Basic Pantry Program Goal: Increase quality of students’ nutrition IQ, cooking skills and nutritional intake which will positively impact their health status, resilience, academic performance and overall well-being.

Basic Pantry Program Objectives:

  1. Identify and overcome the barriers that hinder students from making healthy food choices: dining services policies; environmental access to well-priced and high quality groceries; and educational resources so that making healthy choices are also the easy choices.
  2. Provide grocery store tours that improve confidence in their food-selection skills and transportation skills.
  3. Provide cooking workshops that improve food preparation and meal planning confidence and skills.
  4. Provide shopping lists and recipes that can be made using shelf-stable ingredients plus easily-accessible fresh and frozen items.