Fitness & Nutrition Jeopardy

Facilitated Activity (in-person): 45-60 minutes

Students’ knowledge is put to the test in a lively, interACTIVE game of Jeopardy! Instead of wagering dollars, students wager with fitness moves!

Mat or Chair Yoga

Yoga instructor taught class (in-person or virtual): 45-60 minutes

Yoga is proven to increase mental and physical wellbeing. Students will experience the benefits of yoga which include building strength and becoming more flexible. 

Fitness & Movement on Campus

Facilitated Teaching & Practice (in-person or virtual): 40-50 minutes

Participants will learn how physical activity benefits whole person well-being: body, mind and spirit. We will discuss ways to incorporate movement into busy schedules and how to sustain a fitness regimen. Participants will practice chair yoga and learn about fitness resources available on campus at UofL.


REFIT Dance Fitness Class

REFIT® is a workout you can feel good about! With powerful moves and positive music, you'll discover an inspiring workout that changes your body, mind and soul. This cardio-focused class is effective and FUN -- perfect for beginners and challenging for fitness enthusiasts.


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