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Q. How do I register for the Health Advocate website?

A: Visit Louisville.edu/gethealthynow for registration instructions. If you have questions, call Health Advocate at 866.799.2731, during normal business hours.

Q: Will my information and interaction with Health Advocate remain private?

A: Your medical and personal information is kept strictly confidential. Health Advocate staff carefully follows protocols and complies with all government privacy standards.

 Q: What services are provided by Health Advocate

A: Health Advocate can help you reach goals in areas such as weight loss, fitness, nutrition, tobacco cessation, mindfulness, stress management, prevention and management of chronic disease, and so much more!

Q: When is Health Advocate available?

A: Health Advocate is available 24/7 through their website or mobile app.

Normal business hours are Monday - Friday, from 8 AM to 10 PM, ET

 Wellness Coaching is available weekdays from 8 AM to 9 PM, ET

Q: How do I download Health Advocate’s mobile app?

A: Health Advocate’s mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices. Visit your mobile app store and download our app today!

Q: If I earn more than 480 points, do my extra points rollover?

A: While we encourage you to invest in your well-being, you are only required to earn 480 points each year. Extra points will not rollover.

Q: What are the items that appear on my ‘Point Suggestion’ list?

A: Preventive care to self-report and additional ways to earn points are what appear in the Point Suggestion drop-down.

Q: Where can I self-report my preventive care? Such as annual physical or COVID-19 vaccine?

A: After logging into your Health Advocate account, click the ‘Point Suggestion’ list located on the top right-hand corner and choose ‘Stay up to date on preventive care’.

Q: Is the Health Education Session only one meeting with Health Advocate?

A: Yes, the Health Education Session is one meeting worth 100 points. Once you complete the Personal Health Profile (PHP), you can call a Health Advocate representative to review your PHP. 

Q: Who is eligible for the $40 Get Healthy Now incentive?

A: Full-time and part-time employees, pre 65 retirees, and House Staff residents who are on a UofL medical plan are eligible for the $40 GHN incentive. 

 Q: Who is eligible for Advocacy Services?

A: Health Advocate offers advocacy services to all employees employed 80% or greater full-time equivalency (FTE) and regular status part-time employees and temporary part-time lecturers (40% to 79% FTE). You can learn more about their advocacy services by visiting the Advocacy webpage or by contacting Health Advocate directly at (866) 799-2731. 

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