Condition Management

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Enroll in the Chronic Condition Support Program!

Once you’ve enrolled in the confidential Health Advocate Chronic Condition Support program, a Nurse Coach will be contacting you about beginning your coaching sessions.

A Nurse Coach will help you better manage your condition by guiding you with making positive changes in how you take care of yourself. 

Your Health Advocate Nurse Coach is your partner to help you better manage any of the conditions below:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • Hypertension
  • Metabolic Syndrome 

What To Expect

Through regularly scheduled phone calls at your convenience, your Nurse Coach will help you stay motivated in areas you choose. This may include:

  • Following your plan of care 
  • Monitoring your symptoms 
  • Making healthy lifestyle changes 

Customized Help to Address Your Specific Needs

Depending on the support you want and need, your Nurse Coach may focus on:

  • How to monitor your chronic medical condition
  • Tips on how to talk to your doctor to get treatment that works for you
  • What to do to avoid serious complications and when to call the doctor 
  • Ways to get the best results from your treatment, including through nutrition and exercise 

A Nurse Coach Also:

  • Provides educational materials about topics discussed during your appointment
  • Sends reminders about recommended tests, screenings, needed medications and check ups 
  • Advocates for you (with your permission) by contacting your doctor to obtain and share information about your treatment plan and progress 

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