HRtalks Wellness Recordings

HRtalks Wellness: New Me in 2023  

Get Healthy Now is teaming up with the Trager Institute to discuss their upcoming “Flourishing Together” program. “Flourishing Together” is a 10-week program that gives you the tools and support you need to take control of your health conditions in a supportive, group environment led by health professionals.

HRtalks Wellness: Heart health 

Get Healthy Now is teaming up with the American Heart Association to discuss “Life’s Essential 8.” Life’s Essential 8 are the key measures for improving and maintaining cardiovascular health, as defined by the American Heart Association.

HRtalks Wellness: Meet AnthemEAP  

Meet AnthemEAP, UofL’s new Employee Assistance Program provider and learn more about their program and services. AnthemEAP offers great benefits including eight counseling sessions per topic, in-person or online counseling, online appointment scheduling, online wellness resources and access to a cognitive and behavioral program called “Learn to Live.”

HRtalks Wellness: Nutrition and Movement  

Get Healthy Now is teaming up with Dr. Jason Jaggers from the Department of Health & Sport Sciences to discuss nutrition and movement. Dr. Jaggers will provide an overview of diet and exercise research and will discuss tips on successful weight management. 

HRtalks Wellness: Health Advocate learning session 

Representatives from Health Advocate and Get Healthy Now (GHN) are hosting a learning session to review resources that can assist you during your 2023 wellness journey and give you the opportunity to earn 100 points towards your 2024 $40 monthly premium incentive. Health Advocate and GHN will discuss helpful information, such as how to register and log in, ways to earn points, Health Advocate website navigation and more.

HRtalks Wellness: Chair Yoga 

Get Healthy Now and Health Promotion are kicking off Stress Awareness Month with an interactive chair Yoga session. Sammy-Jo, our certified Yoga Instructor, will review basic chair Yoga poses that will increase blood flow and boost your energy. Chair Yoga is suitable for all skill levels.

HRtalks Wellness: Meditation 

Get Healthy Now and Health Promotion are continuing to acknowledge Stress Awareness Month with a virtual meditation session. Sammy-Jo will review basic meditation skills that can help you calm your nervous system and relax. Meditation has been shown to improve immune support and decrease anxiety and depression.

HRtalks Wellness: Journaling 

Get Healthy Now and Health Promotion’s last event for Stress Awareness Month is a group journaling session. Sammy-Jo will review the most effective ways to journal, which will help you manage and reduce stress and anxiety and boost your overall mood.

HRtalks Wellness: Overview of Mental Health 

Get Healthy Now is joining AnthemEAP to provide a comprehensive overview of mental health. Learn about symptoms individuals may experience, coping tools and how our mental health may impact those around us. 

HRtalks Wellness: The Impacts of Stress on Mental Health  

Join Get Healthy Now during Mental Health Awareness Month with a session on how stress impacts our mental health with employees learning how to recognize stress, identify reactions to stress and discuss positive coping skills that can reduce the negative effects of stress.