ULink Tutorial: Accept/Decline Awards

Step 1

After you login, proceed to Student Services. Find Financial Aid. You may have to scroll down the screen to find it. Then select Accept/Decline Financial Aid

ULink Tutorial of Accepting/Declining Awards

Step 2

Read the Aid Year Description and then select an Aid Year (i.e. 2018 for Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019).

ULink Tutorial Aid Year

Step 3

To accept an offered award, you must check Accept and then click Submit. If you want to accept less than what you are offered, then you can adjust the amount after you have checked Accept.  To decline, check Decline.  Remember to click Submit when you are done.

You may also simply hit Accept All or Decline All. If you want to start over, then you can click Clear All. Once you are finished making adjustments, you can click Submit to finalize these changes.

You cannot increase your loan after it has been reduced. Our office automatically accepts most scholarships and grants. If you need to make adjustments to your aid at a later date, then you should come into our office. If you cannot come into our office, then please contact us at 502-852-5511 or finaid@louisville.edu to make other arrangements.

ULink Tutorial Award Package

Step 4

Now return to the Student Services screen and click on View My Financial Aid to confirm your financial aid adjustments. Any awards you adjusted will show on that screen.

ULink Financial Aid


An additional tutorial is available concerning how to access your ULink To Do List.



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