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Fall & Spring Aid Disbursement

Most financial aid awards disburse to your student account beginning with the start of each semester or upon gaining eligibility during your semester of enrollment. Disbursement of awards is based on compliance with all eligibility requirements including your enrollment and satisfactory academic progress. Most awards are based on full-time enrollment. If attending part-time, you must complete an enrollment adjustment form prior to the start of classes in order for your aid to disburse at the beginning of the term. When part-time, your aid eligibility will be reassessed and your awards will be adjusted accordingly. The Bursar's Office will then post the aid to your account. Disbursed financial aid that exceeds your balance owed to the university is considered excess. Some financial aid awards are restricted to payment of specific charges only and are not able to be refunded to you. KEES money is disbursed pending release from the state typically 30 days after the start of classes. Subsequent disbursements of available financial aid to the Bursar's Office are scheduled to occur multiple times a week.

Financial Aid from most federal and state aid programs is based on a student's enrollment as of the term’s census date, which is the day following the last day to drop and receive a 100% tuition credit. Waitlisted courses are not included in a student's enrolled hours. As of the census date, aid adjustments are made for the term and no other adjustments will be made for enrollment changes assuming you begin attendance in all courses and remain enrolled for the entire term earning grades for all your courses.

Residual or Excess Aid

Disbursed financial aid that exceeds your university bill will be delivered to you according to the university’s refund delivery process.  For more information on the preference selections to receive any future eligible refund, please refer to the Bursar’s website.

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