Instructions for Relocation/House Hunting Reimbursement

The Relocation/House Hunting Expense Reimbursement Form is to be used for all moving reimbursements to new employees.  The form would also be used for a non-employee if the department has agreed to reimburse their house hunting expenses (even in the case that an individual does not accept the position).  Essentially, all expenses related to an employment move would be reimbursed using this form.  Please do not include interview-related expenses on this form.  

When completed, please email with attachment(s) to

Definitions for Form:

Date(s) of Expense – Date (or dates) of the expense type or a date range.

Amount of Expense – All expenses that the employee paid out-of-pocket. If there are multiple expenses for a category, please add all expenses and enter the total in this column.

Total Paid to Third Party – Any and all expenses in a category that the University paid directly to outside vendors on behalf of the new employee via purchase order, procurement card or request for disbursement (i.e. Allied/Berger Moving, U-Haul, Sam’s Storage Company, Hilton Garden Inn, etc.).  These amounts will not be added into the total of the employee reimbursement on the form, however, they are needed for procurement and tax reporting purposes.

Please complete each section as follows:

“Employee Information” - Complete the employee’s name & new address, their hire date (as listed in the payroll system), the date of the reimbursement request, the department name & contact person, and the city & state from which the employee is moving.

“Transportation & Storage of Household Goods” – Include all expenses that relate to the physical movement of goods and personal effects.  This would include fees paid to a relocation company, movers & labor, rental of a moving truck/trailer, shipping charges for sending items to the new location, moving supplies, storage costs (not to exceed 30 days), etc.

“Move of Family to New Location” – Include all expenses that relate to physically moving members of the household and vehicles to the new location.  This includes airfare, lodging, auto mileage (if used, please do not claim personal vehicle gasoline), meals, parking/tolls, etc.  These expenses would relate to the employee and any other members of the previous household who are moving to the new location.

“House/Apartment Hunting” – Include all expenses that relate to any house hunting trips the employee took to find a residence at the new location.  This includes airfare, lodging, mileage or gasoline, rental car, meals, etc.  These expenses would relate to the employee and any other members of the previous household who are moving to the new location.

“Funding Information” – All expenses will be charged to account number 545240 – “Relocation, Moving & House Hunting Expenses”.  Please list funding source(s)/speedtype(s) that will be charged for the transaction and amount(s).  More than one funding source can be used.  A link has been provided in this section that will provide additional information regarding deductible (reportable) vs. non-deductible (non-reportable) moving expenses.

“Members of Household” section – List all individuals who relocated with the employee and notate whether the individual was a member of the household at the previous residence.

“Certification & Approvals” section – The employee requesting reimbursement should print their name & date and sign the form.  The employee’s supervisor and the authorized individual on the funding source should also print their name & date and sign the form.

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