Kentucky Education Association - Student Program

Welcome to the Kentucky Education Association student program!
We are more commonly known as KEA, or KEA-SP. KEA was founded in 1857 and is under the umbrella of the National Education Association (NEA). KEA is the preeminent voice for quality public education. Time and again, KEA members-active, students, and retired-have linked arms to fight for Kentucky’s public schools and their students. We have won many victories. KEA played a big role in securing for you many of the employment rights on which you will regularly rely on once you begin teaching, weather it is in Jefferson County or any of the surrounding OVEC schools. Nearly 2,500 students working for their teaching certificates at 36 Kentucky colleges and universities choose to belong to the KEA student program each year-and they are better prepared to enter their classrooms because of it! in the student program our focus is on developing an environment and resources for new teachers that are based in professional development, community outreach, leadership, and scholarship.

Kentucky Education Association

Mission Statement:

Kentucky Education Association is the preeminent voice for quality public education.

Vision Statement:

We unite, organize, and empower members to advocate for themselves to ensure a quality public education for every Kentucky student.

Values Statement:

KEA is committed to:
Professionalism - modeling expertise directed by sound judgment, empathy, and high standards. Unity-laying the foundation for a strong association through shared vision.

Advocacy - using effective, meaningful communication and action to promote the interests of school employees and public education.

Respect -consistently valuing individuals and their contributions.

Integrity - demonstrating sincerity, trustworthiness and reliability

Collective Action - working together to achieve common goals.