Graduate Association for Professionals in Student Affairs (GAPSA)

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GAPSA: Graduate Association of Professionals in Student Affairs


The Graduate Association for Professionals in Student Affairs at the University of Louisville is a student organization for Masters and Doctoral students interested in pursuing a career in Higher Education.

GAPSA was chartered in the spring of 1991 by a group of College Student Personnel students. It was originally envisioned as a way to bring CSP students together for networking, educational and developmental programming and social activities. GAPSA offers services to members by providing informational resources, and serves as an outlet to voice student concerns and suggestions.

GAPSA Mission Statement

The mission of GAPSA is to provide professional, social, and educational opportunities to graduate students pursuing careers in Higher Education.

GAPSA Vision Statement

GAPSA strives to promote inclusion, community engagement, and professional development to all members to create a lasting impact on our community.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Networking opportunities with peers, faculty, and Student Affairs Professionals
  • A variety of social opportunities to engage with other members and foster community
  • An enhanced knowledge of the field of Student Affairs
  • Professional development through monthly educational programs
  • Opportunities to engage in community service
  • Higher Education internship fair with employers from various private and public institutions
  • Subscription to monthly GAPSA newsletter