Kentucky Teacher Externship Program

Are you

Are you a CTE teacher in Kentucky? Are you interested in earning a $1000 stipend and up to six tuition-free credits from the University of Louisville? Are you available for four weeks this summer? Then we want to hear from you! Apply now to the Kentucky Teacher Externship Program


Teacher Externship Program

A cohort of 12 occupation-based CTE teachers and 12 employers serving as the externship host will map individualized learning experiences using a hybrid approach of time-based experiences in the workplace with competency-based measures for the occupation in a supervisory capacity. This approach will help the teacher-extern to consider the practical considerations involving CTE students’ workplace learning experiences.

For priority consideration, apply by March 31, 2020.


Benefits for Teachers

Benefits for Employers

Earn at least a $1000 stipend and up to 6 credits of tuition waived through the University of Louisville

Build and renew industry relationships

Experience meaningful mentoring and coaching development

Better align your CTE programs with industry workforce needs

A full-time, 4-week extern

Build and renew CTE and future employee pipeline

Market high-growth potential of your future business


  • How does the application process work?

    In concert with the regional workforce innovation boards in Kentucky, selection of the 12 occupation-based CTE teachers, who will participate in the externship, will take place through a matching process with employers. This process will be prioritized by:

    • Geographic dispersion within the Commonwealth
    • Representation of multiple industries, with a greater emphasis on technology
    • Commitment from employers and teachers for at least 4 weeks of participation and mutually agreed upon compensation
  • What is the timeline?

    We are soliciting applications now through April 1, with priority consideration given to those who apply before March 1. Selected participants will be contacted soon after the submission deadline.

  • What are the program’s objectives?

    The program has 5 overall objectives: to promote student success, to complement the Tech Ready Apprenticeship for Careers in Kentucky (TRACK) program, to align programs to industry workforce needs, to build stronger partnerships between employers and educators, and to improve the quality of occupation-based CTE programs.