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CEHD internal support:

Foliotek company support:
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The UofL College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) uses the electronic assessment system Foliotek to contain and organize assessment data. Foliotek houses portfolios of courses and student performance assessments aligned with requirements set by CEHD programs. Students do not purchase a subscription to Foliotek.

Faculty and students will use a Foliotek Single Sign-On (SSO) link in Blackboard to log in to Foliotek. Students are associated with portfolios, or "sets", of courses respective to the program(s) they pursue and/or the courses in which they enroll. Students should note that the name of a portfolio may not reflect their true academic plan; portfolio names are simply labels applied to sets of courses. It is sometimes necessary to assign more than one portfolio to a student’s account.

This website provides information on using Foliotek. The links above connect to resources appropriate for Faculty, Students, and University Supervisors, as well as contact information for CEHD locally managed support and Foliotek (company) Help Desk support. Additional resources, help, and instructions for specific courses and assignments can be found on the pages within Foliotek.

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