Anita Moorman

Ann M. Moorman

Department of Health & Sport Sciences
Room 104R - SAC E
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Dr. Moorman's curriculum vitae [PDF]

Professor Moorman's research and scholarship interests focus primarily on legal aspects of sport as a business. Recently Professor Moorman has extended her research emphasis to examine the unique impact numerous Supreme Court decisions have had in the sport industry with a focus on disability rights issues in sport. Professor Moorman also examines intellectual property issues in sport and the interplay between sport law and marketing practices. She has served on the Executive Councils for both the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) and the Sport and Recreation Law Association (SRLA). She serves on the Editorial Review Boards for the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport and Sport Marketing Quarterly. Professor Moorman has published scholarly articles in the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, JOPERD, Leisure Science, International Sport Journal, and Journal of Sport and Social Issues. She also regularly contributes to a feature column entitled "Sport Marketing and the Law" in the Sport Marketing Quarterly and co-authored a groundbreaking new text in 2006 entitled Sport Law: A Managerial Approach, Achieving a Competitive Advantage.

Educational Background

  • JD Southern Methodist University, School of Law
  • MS Sport Management, University of Oklahoma
  • BS Political Science, Oklahoma State University

Teaching Areas

  • Sport Law (Introductory and Advanced)
  • Event Management
  • Legal Aspects of Sport
  • Marketing Law & the Sport Industry
  • Internship Supervision

Research Interests

  • Disability Rights Litigation in Sport
  • Constitutional Law Issues in Sport
  • Legal Implications of the Marketing Management Function of Sport Management

Honors & Awards

  • Received the Betty van der Smissen Leadership Award for scholarship and leadership in the academy of sport law educators from the Sport and Recreation Law Association
  • Received the “President’s Award” for outstanding service from the Sport & Recreation Law Association.
  • Named "Faculty of the Year" - University of Louisville Disability Awareness Award, U of L Disability Resource Center.
  • Student Athlete Faculty Mentor – U of L Athletics

Professional Memberships

  • Sport and Recreation Law Association
  • North American Society for Sport Management
  • Academy of Legal Studies in Business
  • Bar Affiliations: Oklahoma and U.S. Supreme Court

Selected Publications

  • Mahony, D.F., Moorman, A.M., Deschriver, T.D., & Hambrick, M.E. (2012). Program rankings in sport management: A critical analysis of benefits and challenges. In A. Gillentine, R.E. Baker, & J. Cuneen (Eds.), (pp. 41-56). Critical Essays in Sport Management: Exploring and Achieving a Paradigm Shift. Phoenix, AZ: Holocomb-Hathaway Publishing.
  • Moorman, A.M., & Grady, J. (2011). Legal research methods in sport management. In D.P. Andrew & P.M. Pederson (Eds.), Research Methods for Sport Management. Champaign, IL, Human Kinetics.
  • Hums, M.A., Moorman, A.M., & Wolff, E.A. (2009). Emerging disability rights in sport: Sport as a human right for persons with disabilities and the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Cambrian Law Review, 40, 36-48.
  • Moorman, A.M. (2009). Gambling regulations in United States professional sport organizations. In Siekmann R. & Anderson, P. (Eds.), Betting and Sport in the European Union and United States. Netherlands: Asser International Sports Law Center.
  • Moorman, A., & Masteralexis, L.P. (2008). An examination of the legal framework between Title VII and Title IX sexual harassment claims in athletics and sport settings: Emerging challenges for athletics personnel and sport managers. Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 18(1), 1-38.
  • Sharp, L., Moorman, A., & Claussen C. (2007). Sport law: A managerial approach, Achieving a competitive advantage. Phoenix, AZ: Holcomb-Hathaway Publishers.
  • McKelvey, S., & Moorman, A. (2007). Bush-Whacked: Has political speech crossed the line and infringed on sport organizations' intellectual property rights? Journal of Sport Management, 21, 79-102.
  • Moorman, A.M, & Greenwell, T.C. (2005). Consumer attitudes of deception and the legality of ambush marketing practices. Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 15(2), 183-211.
  • Moorman, A., & Eickhoff-Shemeck, J.M. (2005). The Legal Aspects: Is obesity a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act? ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, 9(1), 1-3.
  • Moorman, A. (2004, Winter). Sports artist & the First Amendment beat Tiger Woods' right of publicity. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 32(1), 103.