Chris Greenwell

Chris Greenwell

Dr. Greenwell's curriculum vitae [PDF]

Educational Background

  • PhD Major: Sport Management, The Ohio State University
  • MS Sport Management, Georgia Southern University
  • BBA Management, McKendree University

Teaching Areas

  • Sport Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Sport & Film

Research Areas

  • Sport Consumer Behavior


  • Consumer Intercept Surveys
  • Experimental Designs

Selected Publications

  • Popp, N., Simmons, J., Shapiro, S., Greenwell, T. C., & McEvoy, C. (2020). An analysis of attributes impacting consumer online ticket purchases in a dual-market environment. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 29, 177-188.
  • Choi, C., Yoo, S. W., Park, J., & Greenwell, T. C. (2020). Virtual reality and consumer behavior: constraints, negotiation, negotiation-efficacy, and participation in virtual golf. Physical Culture and Sport.
  • Greenwell, T. C., & Danzey-Bussell, L. A, & Shonk, D. (2019). Managing Sport Events (2nd). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
  • Ruihley, B. J., Mamo, Y., Greenwell, T. C., & Andrew, D. P. S. (2019). Increase Customer Retention: An Examination of Quality and its Effects on the Retention of Sport Participants. Journal of Sport Behavior, 42(3), 365-388.
  • Rice, J., Hambrick, M. E., & Greenwell, T. C. (2019). Mass participant sport event brand associations: An analysis of two event categories. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, 19, 330-351.