Chris Greenwell

Chris Greenwell

Dr. Greenwell's curriculum vitae [PDF]

Educational Background

  • PhD Major: Sport Management, The Ohio State University
  • MS Sport Management, Georgia Southern University
  • BBA Management, McKendree University

Teaching Areas

  • Sport Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Sport & Film

Research Areas

  • Sport Consumer Behavior


  • Consumer Intercept Surveys
  • Experimental Designs

Selected Publications

  • Greenwell, T. C. & Yoo, S. W. (2023) Aggressive motives and fan passion across different types of sports. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 32(2), 162-171.
  • Simmons, J. Naraine, M., & Greenwell, T. C. (2023). Factors influencing fan acceptance or rejection of a sport team's revolutionary rebrand. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 32(2), 91-104.
  • Kang, S. J., Greenwell, T. C., & Hambrick, M. E. (2023) Exploring sport fans’ smartphone usage in the era of digital globalization. Asian Sport Management Review, 1-16.
  • Pond, A. Allen, J., Greenwell, T. C. & Lee, J. (2022). Athletic success and donation intentions: Does sense of community mediate? Journal of Amateur Sport, 8, 48-71.
  • Lee, Y., Immekus, J. C., Lim, D., Hums, M., Greenwell, T. C., Cocco, A., & Kang, M. (2022). Validation of the Student Athletes’ Motivation towards Sports and Academics Questionnaire (SAMSAQ) for Korean college student-athletes: An application of exploratory structural equation modeling. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 1-10.
  • Rice, J., Hambrick, M. E., & Greenwell, T. C. (2022). Congruity Perceptions in Endurance Event Participant Consumers. In K. K. Byon, B. H. Yim, & J. J. Zhang. World Association of Sport Management Book of Papers. (pp. 199-217). Routledge.
  • Williams, S. B., Taylor, E. A., Greenwell, T. C., & Burpo, B. M. (2022). Differences in sport management doctoral students’ experiences with gender microaggressions and stereotype threat by gender. Sport Management Education Journal, 16(1), 17-29.