OLL Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty

Randy Whetstone Jr., Ed.D.
Program Director - OLL
Clinical Ass't Professor

Jodi Adams
Program Director - CTE
Clinical Ass't Professor

Matt Bergman, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor

Roger Buskill

Ann Herd, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor

Deborah Dalzell-Murphy, Ph.D.
Clinical Ass't Professor

Thomas Teague, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor

Program Staff

Mary Ann Campbell
Program Assistant

Coordinator, Ft. Knox Extended Campus
Ft. Know Callers: 502-942-8060
Louisville Callers: 502-852-6444
All Other Callers: 800-334-8635/p>

Susan Hildebrand
Recruitment Strategist

CEHD Office of Education Advising and Student Services

Partner Faculty

Tammy Albers

Cathy Avedevich

Sherry Duffy

Lisa-Anne Ferris

Elizabeth Krauss

Robert Kubash

Rod Merkley

Raylene Pollio

Amber Roberts

Judy Singleton